Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum for

Elementary Schools

Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum was originally designed for the creation of Casey's Clubs - therapeutic groups consisting of two leaders and ten children. To reach more kids, we have adapted our 30-Week Curriculum so teachers and counselors can also use our program to enhance classroom learning. We developed the curriculum using Best Practices, and implemented research-based skills, methods, and theories. We focused on inclusion and developmental accessibility, including a clear, stepwise skill progression that is prominent in our program. 

Our program is aligned with the traditional school year. Casey's Curriculum can be used as a purely educational program in schools, using the animated videos for instruction, lessons as teacher-led activities, and homeactivities as homework to reinforce the lessons and involve parents. Casey's provides a language of kindness, acceptance, and solution-based problem-solving. 

Take a look at our Free Resources to get a better idea of Casey's Adventures, Casey's Moments, and Casey's Most Excellent Skills. When you are ready to incorporate the curriculum into your school or school district, read more and purchase the 1-Year License to get started. 

What's Included?

30 Animated Chapter Videos

Students can watch Casey and his friends learn, grow, and play, showing real-life examples of how Social Emotional Skills can help us make friends, love our unique selves, and
problem-solve effectively

30 Corresponding Lesson Videos

Lesson Videos cap off each Chapter Video to reinforce and explore what Casey and his friends learned during their adventures. 

30 Homeactivities

Send students home with an engaging and thorough Homeactivity for each chapter to bolster their learning and involve their family in their Casey's journey.

Professional Facilitator Training

Your School Subscription comes with a comprehensive Facilitator Training Course so teachers can learn how to best use Casey's Clubhouse to enhance classroom learning. 

How Can I Use Casey's Clubhouse in my School?

We offer two ways to implement the Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum into your classrooms. 

Essential Classroom School Subscription
Essential Plus Classroom School Subscription
(Plus Student Access)

Casey's Clubhouse
Essential Classroom

Watch During Class!

Casey's Essential Classroom Subscription is made for teachers or counselors who want to show Casey's Chapter and Lesson Animated Videos during class, and send their students home with Homeactivities as homework to reinforce learning.

*Note that this subscription does not include individual student logins, so students will not be able to login and review chapters and lessons at home.
The curriculum will only be accessible by the teacher in the classroom. 

Casey's Clubhouse
Essential Plus
Classroom Subscription
(Plus Student Access) 

Watch During Class, Master at Home!

Casey's Essential Plus Classroom Subscription is designed for teachers or counselors to show Casey's Chapter and Lesson Animated Videos during class, and allow students to login to the same curriculum to rewatch, practice, and master at home. It's a great way for students to show their families what they are learning.  

This subscription comes with 10, 20, or 30 Student Add-On Membership codes already factored into the price. Please contact us if your classroom needs more than 30 student logins.

What Does Casey's Clubhouse Teach?

Casey's Clubs are designed to be a fun, interesting, and supportive place within a classroom for kids to meet new friends and learn essential social and life skills. Our 30-week curriculum helps kids:
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  • learn self-regulation to better communicate, approach, cooperate, and engage with others.
  • increase self-awareness to become more responsible, communicate better, assert themselves, and increase empathy towards themself and others. 
  • discover personal determination to set their sights on successful interactions, relational competency, and assertion of self. 
  • effectively problem-solve to increase their cooperation, communication, responsibility, and reliability with and to others. 
  • develop self-confidence with the experience of positive communication and problem-solving and engagement with others.
  • experience a mastery of skills to reinforce the whole experience.
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Casey's Clubs are social groups designed to facilitate the development of social, emotional, and life skills for children. A typical Casey's Club is a full school-year commitment and runs from September to early June. These clubs reinforce and enhance children's skillsets, while also introducing new skills. They provide an opportunity for children to have connections outside of their day-to-day lives, make new friends, and take the time to learn about themselves. From basic to advanced skills, the curriculum can adapt to the group. 

We understand that making and keeping friends can be challenging for many kids. For that matter, friendships can be difficult. Whether social issues arise from common friendship issues or skills deficits, many kids need a place to relate, reboot and regroup.

Casey's Club can be that place!

Take a peek at the curriculum with our
Casey's Clubhouse Sampler!

What Makes Casey's Clubhouse Different?

It's animated.

Our animated series is engaging, original, and accessible, making it fun to watch and learn. Casey begins to feel like a real friend that kids can depend on, and the animation helps break down and examine tough social situations. Skills become memorable and handy to use in the real world.

It feels familiar.

Our animated stories are told by a sole narrator with a distinct and spirited voice, which creates a familiar and inviting environment for students to return to again and again. Think of that timeless bedtime story, or a tale told around the campfire.

It allows for individual experience. 

Much like a coloring book, the characters are presented as black-and-white line drawings, which allows students to imagine their own identities and experiences as they watch the animated videos. 

It uses real-life application.

Wouldn't it be nice if life were just a series of clean-cut problems and solutions? Well, it's not! And neither is our curriculum.

We tell stories in which problems arise naturally and solutions are found through consideration and experience, which helps students learn how to apply skills in the real world. Life is not a textbook of monotonous skills, and learning tools shouldn't be either!
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Choose Your School Subscription Plan

School: Essential Classroom

For independent schools or school districts that want to bring Casey's curriculum into individual classrooms, after-school clubs, or school counseling programs. 
  • Licensed for use by one classroom
  • Access to entire Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum (30 Stories, 30 Lessons, 30 Homeactivities) to show during class
  • Unlimited student participation per classroom
  • Facilitator Training, Lesson Plans, and Troubleshooting
  • Casey's Additional Skills content
  • Parent Support Resources
  • Casey's 5 Pillar Program Video
  • Use on any device
  • Access to our growing library of content

School: Essential Plus Classroom 

(Plus Student Access)

Tiered Pricing
For independent schools or school districts that want to bring Casey's curriculum into individual classrooms, after-school clubs, school counseling programs, with 10, 20, or 30 student membership log-ins so students can access the curriculum at home. 
  • Licensed for use by one classroom
  • Access to entire Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum (30 Stories, 30 Lessons, 30 Homeactivities)
  • Determined # of Student Membership Add-ons
  • Facilitator Training, Lesson Plans, and Troubleshooting
  • Casey's Additional Skills content
  • Parent Support Resources
  • Casey's 5 Pillar Program Video
  • Use on any device
  • Access to our growing library of content
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be certified to teach Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum in my classroom?

We offer an online training course for therapists, facilitators, and teachers. We highly recommend that facilitators take the course and review the materials before they use them in individual therapy, group therapy, a social club, or a classroom. We do not certify professionals for this program. Each profession follows a code of ethics when using therapeutic or educational material with children. 

What credentials or qualifications do I need to use or teach the Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum? Do I need to be licensed? 

Because Casey’s Clubhouse curriculum has both therapeutic and educational benefits, we have expanded our offer of the material to therapists, child specialists, and educators so more children can benefit from the program. Thus, we expect professionals to be up-to-date with their specific license and legally treat and educate their clients or students. We leave the licensing boards to oversee their own professionals.

What's the difference between the Essential Classroom Subscription and the Essential Plus Classroom Subscription? 

Both of these subscriptions give you instant access to the Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum, Training Courses, and our ever-growing bonus content. The only difference is that the Essential Plus Classroom Subscription also comes with 10, 20, or 30 Student Add-On Membership codes to send to your students, so your students can also access the same curriculum from home to rewatch, practice, and master.

Do my students need to have their own login access to the curriculum?

We have found that it benefits most club members, whether clients or students, to have their own account with parent management. This gives children the opportunity to watch the videos as many times as they would like, access the coloring pages and homeactivities whenever they would like, and earn some certificates for their hard work throughout each section. Most children who are in therapeutic or social clubs will have their own logins for access to their own membership. In some cases, the child might not need a login. Individual therapists or child specialists might just use the videos during a session to share with a child. And in some cases a classroom might show the videos and print out the homeactivities for children to do in class. 

Can my students go through this curriculum independently?  

Parents, facilitators, therapists, and teachers are important mentors to help children work through Casey’s curriculum. They are needed to help identify what children understand, process how it applies to their own experiences, and integrate it into their world. When students do have their own membership and login, they might go through the material on their own. They might watch videos as their curiosity takes them to the next adventure. As long as the children have mentors to process the material, we have found that those curious enough to move ahead tend to get a lot out of the program.

What if Casey's Clubhouse ends up not working out for me? 

If you have signed up for a subscription, which gives you a 12 month access to Casey’s curriculum and other materials online, you have 30-days to cancel and get a 100% refund. 

If you choose to cancel your subscription within the 12 months, you will still have access to the subscription for the remainder of the 12 months before you lose access.
Note: If you are a parent whose child is a part of a local Casey’s Club, it means a professional has purchased a subscription to license and use our program. The application of the program as well as all other business decisions are based on their independent company or organization. 

Is the curriculum mobile friendly?

Yes! While our website and curriculum will look the prettiest when viewed on a desktop or laptop, the entirety of the Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum is designed to be accessed through desktop, tablet, and phones. If something isn't displaying correctly, please contact us so we can help troubleshoot the issue!

Is internet access required? 

While most of our accompanying pdf lessons, activities, and worksheets are downloadable and printable, the Casey's Clubhouse chapter videos do require internet access and are not available for download.