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Casey's Clubhouse helps both parents and professionals teach children essential social-emotional and mental health skills. We believe Social-Emotional Learning is crucial to a child's healthy development, so we offer holistic learning tools that make building social skills accessible and downright fun!
Kids and their parents can learn social-emotional skills from home with our comprehensive At-Home Parent/Child Enrichment Program, complete with 30 animated videos and lessons, plus tons of parenting resources and materials along the way.
Our professional online program is designed for specialists, therapists, and educators to use with individual clients, in groups called Casey’s Clubs, or in schools through a yearly licensing membership. 
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Casey and his friends face many social and emotional challenges throughout the school year. They discover solutions and learn new skills with the help of parents, teachers, counselors, and each other. 

Help your child learn the skills of regulation, awareness, determination, problem-solving, confidence, and mastery with our 30-week curriculum. Children discover more about their individuality, energy, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors by recognizing and using skills that offer greater social success.

"From a parent’s perspective, Casey’s Clubhouse has been such a welcome and important piece of my son’s social development.

Navigating the dynamics of starting and maintaining healthy friendships is something every parent wants for their child, and Casey’s Clubhouse helped my son do exactly that. It was amazing to see how my son began to grasp social fundamentals that he uses to this day in school and other activities.”

- a proud Casey's Parent

What Makes Casey's Clubhouse Different?

It's animated.

Our animated series is engaging, original, and accessible, making it fun to watch and learn. Casey begins to feel like a real friend that kids can depend on, and the animation helps break down and examine tough social situations. Skills become memorable and handy to use in the real world.

It feels familiar.

Our animated stories are told by a sole narrator with a distinct and spirited voice, which creates a familiar and inviting environment for students to return to again and again. Think of that timeless bedtime story, or a tale told around the campfire.

It allows for individual experience. 

Much like a coloring book, the characters are presented as black-and-white line drawings, which allows students to imagine their own identities and experiences as they watch the animated videos. 

It uses real-life application.

Wouldn't it be nice if life were just a series of clean-cut problems and solutions? Well, it's not! And neither is our curriculum.

We tell stories in which problems arise realistically and solutions are found through consideration and experience, which helps students learn how to apply skills in the real world. Life is not a textbook of monotonous skills, and learning tools shouldn't be either!
the curriculum

30 Weeks:
30 Stories, 30 Lessons, and 30 Homeactivities.

Casey’s Clubhouse™ curriculum is a 30-lesson journey divided into 6 sections. It builds upon six umbrella skills that are matched with distinctive concepts. Each section rotates through five solid approaches to learning. These repeated approaches reinforce the concepts and honor the different needs of the group.

1. Regulation

The ability to monitor and manage your energy, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. 

2. Awareness

The ability to notice what's going on outside and inside of you. 

3. Determination

The ability to focus your energy, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors toward a certain goal. 

4. Problem-Solving

The ability to react and respond to problems by way of calmly assessing and applying fair solutions.

5. Confidence

The ability to rely on, trust, and believe in yourself and your power in your life and in this world.

6. Mastery

The dedication to learn, practice, and perform something so confidently that you can teach another.
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