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At-Home Enrichment Subscription

Welcome to the Casey's Clubhouse Parent/Child Enrichment Program!

This self-help subscription allows parents access to Casey’s Clubhouse Curriculum that has been modified by its author, Laura Schneider, LMHC, for parent and child enrichment.

Casey’s Clubhouse was originally designed for mental health therapists providing year-long group therapeutic programs for children. Casey’s still offers therapeutic and school-based programs, which is the best way for children who have therapeutic needs to access the program.

Any child can use social-emotional skills, however, so we now offer a parent-facilitated subscription that will allow their children access to the wide range of lessons, skills, and activities that we have seen benefit elementary-aged children.

Who is the curriculum designed for? 

The curriculum is designed for children aged

It walks children through six sections including regulation, awareness, determination, problem-solving, confidence, and mastery. 

How does one curriculum reach such an age range?  

Well, the curriculum is layered! The most simple skills in each section are front and center in the story and in the lesson. Thus, younger children can learn some simple concepts, skills, and be introduced to the language that builds strong social understanding and individual mental health. 

For older children, those just starting or reintroduced to the curriculum, the same stories and lessons provide more complex concepts, skills, and advanced language that they can use to build greater social understanding and individual mental health. Age isn’t everything of course, so parents, facilitators, therapists, and teachers are important mentors to help children to identify what they understand, process how it applies to their own experiences, and integrate it into their world.

What does the Subscription include? 

The Parent/Child Enrichment Subscription offers Casey’s skills, including social, energetic, emotional, thinking, and behavioral skills. Children, learning alongside their parent or guardian, have access to our 30 Chapter videos, 30 Lesson videos, and 30 Homeactivities. We’ve added some short Casey’s Moments and Casey’s Skill videos, along with fun and engaging music videos promoting wellness and lesson integration. See below for more details!

As we add more content, it will allow your child to continue to grow and learn. When children revisit the curriculum at different points in their development, they learn new skills.

How do I support my child with this Subscription?

Casey’s Clubhouse Parent/Child Enrichment Program offers parent support, too. We recommend that parents go through the basic curriculum with their children and participate in Homeactivities. We’ve had parents ask for their own adult version of Casey’s Clubhouse so you will be surprised by what resonates with you. 

Additionally, we have a Parent Resources Course, a parent blog, and parent videos about the curriculum, along with other fun videos and activities parents can do with their children.

As Casey’s Clubhouse progresses, we will add to our skills-building program and you will have access to this ever-growing content. We hope that you love Casey as much as we do!

What if Casey's Clubhouse ends up not working for me and my child?

If you have signed up for a subscription, which gives you a 12 month access to Casey’s curriculum and other materials online, you have 30 days to cancel and get a 100% refund. 

If you choose to cancel your subscription within the 12 months, you will still have access to the subscription for the remainder of the 12 months before you lose access. 

Note: If you are a parent whose child is a part of a local Casey’s Club, it means a professional has purchased a subscription to license and use our program. The application of the program as well as all other business decisions are based on their independent company or organization. 

Can my child go through the curriculum independently?

Parents, facilitators, therapists, and teachers are important mentors to help children work through Casey’s curriculum. They are needed to help identify what children understand, process how it applies to their own experiences, and integrate it into their world. When students do have their own membership and login, they might go through the material on their own. They might watch videos as their curiosity takes them to the next adventure. As long as the children have mentors to process the material, we have found that those curious enough to move ahead tend to get a lot out of the program.

Here's everything you get with your At-Home Enrichment Subscription...

30 Chapters of Casey's Adventures

Casey's Adventures follows the daily life of a 4th-grade boy named Casey, and his unique and supportive band of friends. Each character experiences their own struggles and triumphs as they learn from each other about regulation, awareness, determination, problem-solving, confidence, and achieving mastery. 

Casey feels like a real friend that our kids can depend on as he experiences real-life scenarios that break down social situations in an engaging and accessible way. Narrated by Laura Schneider, the creator herself, and enhanced by fun sound effects and music, your kids will look forward to tuning in to every chapter!

30 Corresponding Lesson Videos

After every chapter of Casey's Adventures, the story's important lessons are broken down to demonstrate the skills and techniques in a multitude of ways to reach all different kinds of learners.

Skills become something that kids can rely on and apply in the real world, strengthening their confidence to "handle it" when stepping into tough social situations. 

30 Corresponding Homeactivities

Learning is reinforced with an engaging and thorough Homeactivity after each chapter of Casey's Adventures.

Not only does this bolster learning and growth, but it promotes kids to involve their family in their Casey's journey as a way to practice - and proudly show off - their new skills!


Bonus Family Activities!

Bonus at-home activities will further reinforce skills and lessons, and better yet, involve family and friends in these fun learning moments!

We have created instruction sheets and support materials to make the setup for our bonus activities worry-free and simple to implement. 

Parent Support Resources

Alongside your child's 30 chapters, lessons, and homeactivites, you'll have access to your own 30 Parent Support Lessons and Activities to learn how to best support your child's learning, and how to problem-solve your way through difficult parenting moments. 

As our company grows, our content will, too! We are looking forward to offering live parenting sessions and additional support in the future, all of which will be accessible through your subscription!

Casey's Additional Skills Content

Our library of content is ever-growing, making your subscription something you and your child can return to again and again!

We offer segments like Casey's Moments, Casey's Most Excellent Skills, Casey's Terms, and Casey's Parent Moments as a guide to access skills quickly through short and engaging "recap" clips. You and your child can access these clips to prepare for big social events, to review and master skills and techniques, or just for fun!

Take a peek at the curriculum with our
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At-Home Enrichment Subscription

For parents and their children who would like to access the Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum at home as a self-help enrichment program.

About $17 a month for a program that works!
  • For use by one student in tandem with a parent or guardian
  • Access to the entire Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum (30 Stories, 30 Lessons, and 30 Homeactivities)
  • Parent Support Resources
  • Casey's Additional Skills Content
  • Use on any device
  • Access to our growing library of content!
30 stories
30 lessons
30 homeactivities


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