the star of our series:

Meet Casey!

Casey is a 4th-Grade student who loves playing make-believe, reading comics, and being a good friend. But like a lot of kids his age, he feels nervous when it comes to making new friends and being in new social situations. 

Casey seeks out the wisdom of his parents, friends, and other adult helpers to get him through his most difficult moments. During his adventures, he also learns to use his own wisdom to come up with his own solutions and help his friends with their challenges.
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the voice of the series:

Laura Schneider, LMHC

Just like a story 'round the campfire, or a book read before bedtime, Laura Schneider is the sole narrator behind Casey's Adventures. Her narration creates a comfortable and familiar space to welcome kids back to every new chapter.

She also happens to be the creator of Casey's Clubhouse and all of its beloved characters.   

from coloring books to an animated series,

Casey has journeyed through it all!


Casey and his friends were imagined and spoken as stories...


...then became characters in a coloring book...

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...then were brought to life in
frame-by-frame slideshow presentations...

2019 - present day

...and finally became animated coloring book characters, starring in short movies called Casey's Adventures!

You might be wondering why Casey and the people in his life are all
black-and-white line drawings, as if waiting to be colored in!

When Casey's stories began as audio recordings, we quickly discovered the power of coloring books to keep our students' excited hands busy and their minds focused on these important lessons. We worked diligently to create our very own Casey's coloring book pages to accompany the lessons in our student workbooks. Now that the students could visualize the stories they were listening to, they became more and more invested in Casey's experiences. They began to see Casey and his friends as real people, referring to Casey's challenges and solutions with their grown-ups at home.

From then on, we decided to preserve the magic that happened when we gave our students their own autonomy: the potential to imagine their individual experience on the page and screen to help them learn, just like how they chose which colors filled in Casey's hair, clothes, and skin. 

With this in mind, we developed a 30-Video Animated Series so kids could watch the beloved characters interact with their environments. Each character remained as black-and-white line drawings to create an "animated coloring book," so kids could continue to reimagine their own identities and experiences up on screen.

Meet the Founders

Laura Schneider, LMHC
Founder / Author / Narrator
Laura Schneider is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist in the state of Washington. She has been working as a mental health counselor since 1993, helping children, adolescents, and adults find balance, gain perspective, and learn effective skills to address life's challenges. In 2019, Laura retired from her private practice to focus full-time on Casey's Clubhouse. 

Laura has been working with Leslie Fields on social skills groups since 2005. She believes that social-emotional skills are essential human skills and are best received in childhood, although accessible to all ages and stages. 

Her goal now is to develop Casey's Clubhouse curriculum for professionals to use the curriculum both therapeutically and educationally. Laura also teaches parenting classes and consults with parents on effective parenting skills. 

In addition to her work, Laura is married and as two children and two step-children who are all grown up! She loves to write, paint, draw, and travel. 
Leslie Fields, LMHC
Leslie Fields currently works as a counselor in private practice for children, tweens, and parents. She is a Sandplay Practitioner, STA. Her passion as been to improve and enhance children's social experiences. 

She worked with Terri Hollingsworth, LICSW, for 18 years as co-leader of Wally's Club. She then opened Wally's Club Eastside with Laura Schneider, LMHC, in 2005. 

Together they developed their own social skills curriculum, workbook, and training program for Casey's Clubhouse.

In addition to her career, Ms. Fields is married and is a step-mom and grandmother. She loves her dog Mulligan, who is a Reading with Rover volunteer dog. She loves to play tennis, dance, drum, and travel. 
Rachel Janis Doerflinger, BA
Creative Director

     Rachel Janis Doerflinger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Knox College in Illinois. She has been working since 2019 to help her mother-in-law, Laura Schneider, establish a new and contemporary creative direction for the Casey's Clubhouse brand. 

She worked alongside Laura to create character rigs and animate the curriculum, lending her innovative eye for detail and organization to make the curriculum feel consistent and modern. She also writes web content, creates graphics, and polishes the look of the website. 

When she's not working, Rachel loves writing poetry, making art, eating sushi, and spending time with her wife, calico cat, and doodle pup!
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