Jul 28 / Casey's Clubhouse

Activity | Frustration Energy Sticks

Frustration Energy is basically when frustration and other angry emotions creates negative energy inside of us. That energy is either directed inward, which we call acting in, or outward, which we call acting out.

When we act out, we negatively participate in relationship problems, both big and small. When we act in, we contribute to problems inside ourselves and for others around us as well. 

We can think of our Frustration Energy like the rising temperature on a thermometer. Our goal is to teach Casey’s Kids how to identify frustration in our bodies, and how to calm our bodies down before our breaking points so that we can think and problem-solve more effectively. 

Energy sticks are a great visual reminder of the calming strategies we can utilize when we feel our frustration energy building up. An energy stick can be created out of everyday, low-cost items to help kids practice breathing techniques to the sound of calming "rain," aka, grains of rice or black-eyed peas!