Jul 25 / Casey's Clubhouse

Activity | VAPorize

Our thoughts and our emotions change each other. Negative thinking can increase umcomfortable feelings, and uncomfortable feelings can increase negative thinking. When we take the time to balance our thoughts and our emotions, problems often don’t seem so big.

One way to balance our thoughts is to use the skill
VAPorize. VAPorize validates what is true, like our feelings, but assesses what is not fully true, like our thinking can sometimes be.

V stands for Validation, which is when we confirm that what we are feeling is true. Our feelings are always true because they are our own individual experiences. Nobody has the right to tell us how we feel. But sometimes when we have strong feelings, we have strong thoughts. So next, we have to Assess the truth of those thoughts. What parts of those thoughts are true, and what parts of those thoughts might we be inflating? Once we determine what's true and what's false, we can do some Problem-solving.

In one of Casey's Adventures, Casey was feeling left out when his two friends Joe and Samay were chatting about how much fun they had at their sleepover the other night. When Casey assessed his thoughts for truth, he decided that it was true that Joe and Samay were excluding him from their conversation. It wasn’t true that they didn’t want to be friends with Casey anymore. VAPorizing helped him rewrite his thoughts, calm his feelings down, and find his solution. 

Use our VAPorize worksheet to help your Casey's Kid validate, assess, and problem-solve a past situation when they experienced some big negative thoughts.