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the overview

30 Weeks:
30 Stories, 30 Lessons, and 30 Homeactivities.

Casey’s Clubhouse curriculum is a 30-lesson journey divided into six sections. It builds upon our six essential skills which are matched with six distinctive concepts. Each section rotates through five approaches to learning, to create our foundational pillars: ME, Energy, Emotions, Thoughts, and Behaviors. These repeated approaches reinforce the concepts and honor the different needs of different kinds of learners.
Every week, students watch a story from Casey's Adventures, followed by a guided lesson. Students then complete a homeactivity relating to the lesson. 
    Our animated series called Casey's Adventures follows the life of Casey, a 4th-Grade boy who overcomes social challenges like making friends, finding confidence before social events, problem-solving with friends, and handling bullying. 
    The weekly animated lesson breaks down each corresponding chapter and teaches the skills that Casey himself learns and practices! Casey provides an example of the topic by demonstrating how it applies to the real world.
    A worksheet-style activity is sent home with each student to reinforce what was learned in the lesson. These homeactivities encourage students to include family members in their journey and share what Casey learned that week!