Section 5: 

Section 5 of Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum teaches Confidence using the concept of Friendship Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. 
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Section 5 Includes...

  • Chapters 21-25
  • Lessons 21-25
  • Homeactivities 21-25


Confidence is the ability to rely on, trust, and believe in yourself. it is the knowledge that you have power over your life and influence in this world. This conviction leads to greater self-assertion, gratitude, and empathy for others. Confidence comes from knowing that you can rely on, trust, and believe in others, too. 

Bill of Rights

You will use the idea of our Friendship Bill of Rights to better understand both your rights and responsibilities in friendship so you can gain the confidence you need to expect and deliver fair interactions, while balancing your energy, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

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