Supporting Research


Hello! Thank you for taking a deeper look into our curriculum. When I sit back and think about all the knowledge and insight supporting the Casey’s Clubhouse Curriculum, it feels important to acknowledge that I stand on the backs of the Research Giants, impeccable professionals, and families who allowed me to counsel them throughout my career. 

Only then can I officially present to you, with a heart full of gratitude, all that this program is today.
Though you’ll find many specific cited sources in our Professional and Parenting materials, so much of what went into this curriculum came from more generalized sources and knowledge gathered during my educational journey. It all started when I went to earn a Masters of Science Degree in Psychology during my Graduate School program at Central Washington University. This education was a big influence on my future endeavors. Professors like Stephanie Stein, Susan Longboard, Donald Shupe, Larry Sparks, Roger Fouts, Owen Pratz, and John Silva, opened the door to my desire to back up my counseling techniques with research. 

When I got my first job out of school as a crisis counselor for families, I had powerful mentors like Sam and Cynthia Grayson. Crisis Counseling was difficult and complex; it required hardy counseling skills, along with an ever-growing toolbox of parenting skills to offer to families in critical need. 
By the time I started my own private practice, I was already seeking out continued education courses that would help me help my clients. These courses allowed me to stay engaged in current issues, research, and techniques that I believed would help me become a better practitioner, and eventually, the author of my own curriculum! I was privileged to take courses from Dr. David Burns, Daniel Siegel, Sue Johnson, and Marsha Linahan. 

From there, I received a certificate in Brief Counseling Techniques, Adlerian Psychology, and Mindfulness, and I felt that a children’s program on Social-Emotional Learning was important, fundamental, and calling out for me to create it! 

And so I present to you a list of psychologists whose research, theories, and practice helped me develop this curriculum of which I am so proud.
We have compiled a Works Cited for all sources used to create the Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum, separated by Print sources and Online sources. 

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