What do Parents and Professionals
Think About Us?

I've co-facilitated Casey's groups in the past, as well as offered a weekly group for 4th-6th grade students during their classroom instruction.

At the beginning of a newly-formed group, children are, generally, unaware of the behaviors that impact their ability to participate in group discussions, make friends easily, and problem-solve challenges.

Children really seem to connect to Casey and his challenges. I've been asked multiple times if I've met Casey! It's rewarding to observe children applying the skills that they've learned, problem-solve situations with empathy, and self-regulate their physical and emotional states. 

As I write this, I am remembering the faces of the children who struggled with making friends at the beginning of a group only to later be greeted by their new friends when they arrive for Casey's Clubhouse. 


I am currently an elementary school counselor and have been a Casey's Club facilitator in the past. As a school counselor, I see a direct correlation between strong social-emotional skills and academic success. I know that children who can self-regulate can focus on learning and builds positive peer relationships. At Casey's, children will learn skills like self-regulation, empathy, making and keeping friends, being assertive, and how to solve friendship problems. Casey's Club focuses on these skills because they know that these are life skills children need to know to be successful. 

Casey's lessons and stories are so valuable because that's what I see everyday from my students. They are real examples of what children experience. 

During the groups, I remember children sharing their own similar stories after the lesson because they relate to Casey's stories. I've noticed more confidence in children who have participated in the group and how they applied newly learned skills outside the group. I've loved hearing stories about how they are making new friends and getting positive feedback from classroom teachers. I also loved watching them grow into more confident and happy children as they master these skills.


Casey's Club is a resource and support to children and their families looking to increase self-regulation, social skills, problem-solving and self-confidence. Casey's is an ideal setting for children to learn and practice these skills with other children with similar needs.

This Social Skills program allows children to gain skills through multiple delivery models. Using their carefully designed program, facilitators manage groups, provide follow-up lessons, check-ins and parent education. 

As an elementary school counselor, Casey's Club has been an essential resource to refer to parents in the community. The program is able to fulfill an ever-increasing need for social-emotional support. Thank you Casey's!


I have had the opportunity to co-facilitate for different cohorts and age groups. I have also been an elementary school counselor for over a decade and I have recommended Caseys Club to numerous students who were struggling with social skills, friendships issues, and self and social awareness throughout their school life. 

I have seen the process of learning and absorbing the Casey's Curriculum materials, as well as the results being transferred to real-life situations. I love the approach of early intervention during the very formative and crucial years. With Casey's, participants can learn how to develop complex skills with a relevant top-notch curriculum and super relatable and diverse characters. It provides a platform for students, parents and educators that navigates through numerous situations provided with social context, presenting skills and reinforcing self-esteem, empowerment and personal success.

The Curriculum Materials are beautiful and carefully developed to reach the students at their current level and build the skills needed. Casey's is the perfect frame for students, families and educators looking to grow their social inter and intrapersonal skills. Casey's content and learning goals are perfectly organized and presented very artistically through multimodal learning, including catchy tunes and a variety of musical lyrics that will appeal and satisfy every kind of learner. 

It has been for me very satisfying as co-facilitator and school counselor to witness students going through a remarkable personal and social growth, developing friendships and discovering themselves in multiple aspects of their lives. 

Along on this journey I have seen parents of Casey's Club participants bloom and thrive, applying their own learnings of Casey's Curriculum while discovering a different side of parenting their much happier child.

Casey's was there all the way!
- Concha Lapuente, M.Ed.
As a teacher, one always seeks the best possible resources for those students for whom counseling would be beneficial to help them progress through life's challenges.

Some years back, I met such a student at our annual back to school open house. She was practically non-verbal, choosing not to speak to me or others in our classroom. One could see the sparkle and intelligence behind her silence. She did not want to make friends, or play with other students.

I sought out Casey’s Club, which not only had individual and group therapy sessions but whose counselors were  wise, experienced, and provided a warm play therapy approach to counseling sessions. Improvement in this student’s confidence and peer interactions was steady; she began to speak to me, to her peers, and to grow more socially confident. 

Several years later, I actually witnessed her raising her hand in her classroom to volunteer comments and working cooperatively in table groups. I will always be thankful for the expertise of Casey’s Club with this student!
- Alice Fleck, 40-year veteran

A Parent's Perspective 

Casey’s Clubhouse has been such a welcome and important piece of my son’s social development. Navigating the dynamics of starting and maintaining healthy friendships is something every parent wants for their child and Casey’s Clubhouse helped my son do exactly that.

From the kind and skilled staff to the peers he engaged with each session, it was amazing to see how my son began to grasp social fundamentals that he uses to this day in school and other activities. The multiple different categories and options for learning new skills, refreshing old ones or trying different challenges, and the student project resources are superb.
- Ned k.
I wanted to share an important conversation I had with my son. I had mentioned that he seems to be doing a little better socially. I asked if he thought Casey’s Clubhouse was helping and if he wanted to continue. He has rarely made connections around things that help and has kept his world tightly compartmentalized. He told me that he needed to continue at Casey’s and that Casey’s is the reason he is starting to do better socially. He told me that when he has problems at school and isn’t sure what to do, he thinks of the lessons he learns in group. I was completely blown away.

This past weekend he was with a group of kids whom he has previously refused to join. This weekend he allowed himself to become a full part of the group.
It was a pretty big deal. 
- Nancy K. 
My son has had a tremendous experience with you. He asked if he can return next year and told us that this group had been the most helpful thing he has done.
- a proud parent
I’m reading your curriculum right now and it’s fantastic!! What wonderful work you are doing!
- a proud parent

A Proud Parent's Message...

I am writing to thank you for your three years of work with my daughter and the compassion, patience, understanding, and wisdom that you shared with her... and with me. I am so happy with how well she is currently doing-behaviorally, socially, emotionally, and academically. When she first began at Casey's Clubhouse, I had such concern about her self-esteem and where she could potentially be headed. After attention and support from multiple people and directions, of which you have been an essential piece, I now feel so much more confident that she's in a good place and that she and I can successfully work through upcoming challenges together.

At some point during this journey, I stumbled upon an excerpt of a poem that seems so relevant to the gifts that you have given her.

It goes like this:
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Hear it from a Casey's Kid!

This experience changed my life for the better and helped improve my social skills. It also helped in friendship and life. I learned how to deal with awkward and tough conversations.

Before Casey's Clubhouse, I ran out of class and had social issues. These problems would continue to become easier to deal with. The skills I learned were social cues and how to respond well to other people as well as working in a group. 
- Proud Club Member, Age 12

Dr. Caprice Hollins of Cultures Connecting

In February of 2021, we hired Dr. Caprice Hollins from Cultures Connecting to review our program so that we could view our curriculum through a cross-cultural lens. Dr. Hollins reviewed our children’s workbook with all the stories, lessons, and homeactivities, five of our program’s videos, as well as our introductory video for parents. Dr. Hollins made some terrific suggestions to broaden our representation. We changed some aspects of the program based on her suggestions and learned a little bit about our own implicit biases.

Overall, Dr. Hollins said that the program felt accessible to a variety of children. She thought the line-drawn cartoon characters worked as we intended them: not negating race and culture, but allowing the audience to project their own story and identity onto the characters.

She said, “I like the ability of kids to project self on the characters.” We especially liked her comment, “Would love to see this as a television program for kids.” 

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