Casey's Clubhouse Professional Subscription is adaptable to use as you see fit.

You'll have access to our curriculum to use in three different applications: our full 30-week Group Learning Program, 5-Week Skills-Building Units, or a One-On-One learning program for work with individual clients.

All for $199 a year. 

30-Week Groups
5-Week Groups
One-On-One Learning
build a casey's club

30-Week Group Learning Curriculum

75-Minute Group Sessions

Build a Casey's Club with a group of around ten kids! This program allows you to lead kids through our full curriculum of six sections of skills: Regulation, Awareness, Determination, Problem-Solving, Confidence, and Mastery--all taught through a Social-Emotional Lens.
These lesson plans accommodate for full 75-minute sessions, for 30 weeks.
teach a unit of skills

5-Week Group Learning Curriculum

30-Minute Group Sessions

Lead a group of ten kids through a 5-Week workshop about one skill! Choose one of our skills-building units to create 5 or 10 weeks of learning. Choose from: Regulation, Awareness, Determination, Problem-Solving, Confidence, or Mastery--all taught through a Social-Emotional Lens.
These lesson plans accommodate for 30-minute sessions and take 5 or 10 weeks to complete, depending on your time and schedule. 
work one-on-one with a client

Independent Client Learning

50-Minute Sessions

Take your client through 30 Weeks of skills-building! This program allows you to lead one client through six sections of skills: Regulation, Awareness, Determination, Problem-Solving, Confidence, or Mastery--all taught through a Social-Emotional Lens. 
These lesson plans accommodate for 50-minute sessions. Our curriculum comes with a full 30 weeks of content to explore with your client. 

Here's everything you get with your Professional Subscription...

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Comprehensive Curriculum: 5 Pillars of Social Competency

Casey’s Clubhouse is a well-thought-out curriculum based in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) research.

The structure of the curriculum begins with our Five Pillars of Social Competency: Me, Energy, Emotions, Thoughts, and Behaviors. These "pillars" provide the basis for which each of our six main skills are developed, which include: Regulation, Awareness, Determination, Problem-Solving, Confidence, and Mastery.
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30 Chapters of Casey's Adventures

Casey's Adventures follows the daily life of a 4th-grade boy named Casey, and his unique and supportive band of friends. The stories are inspired by the curriculum, bringing the more academic lessons into rich, relatable vignettes. Each character experiences their own struggles and triumphs as they learn from each other about regulation, awareness, determination, problem-solving, confidence, and achieving mastery. 

Casey feels like a real friend that our kids can depend on. Narrated by Laura Schneider, the creator herself, and enhanced by fun sound effects and music, your club members will look forward to tuning in every week!
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30 Corresponding Lesson Videos

After every chapter of Casey's Adventures, the story's important lessons are broken down to demonstrate the skills and techniques in a multitude of ways to reach all different kinds of learners. The video format sets up a great exciting platform for facilitators to dive deeper into the fundamentals of each lesson during club. 

Skills become something that kids can rely on and apply in the real world, strengthening their confidence to "handle it" when stepping into tough social situations. 

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30 Corresponding Home Activities

Learning is reinforced with an engaging and thorough Homeactivity after each chapter of Casey's Adventures. Club Members can either access these through their Student Add-On Membership (offered at a discount through this subscription), or you can print them off for each member before the club session. 

Not only do our Home Activities bolster learning and growth, but it promotes kids to involve their family in their Casey's journey as a way to practice - and proudly show off - their new skills!


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Facilitator Training Course

We want to help you use our curriculum in your individual practice, to build a club, or in your school.

In order to do that, we have put together a comprehensive training program that teaches you the ideas and theories behind the curriculum, how to use the stories and lessons with clients or students, how to encourage and promote parent involvement, how to build a club, and how to use assessment forms.
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Detailed Lesson Plans and Activities

Our 30-Chapter Curriculum comes complete with 30 Lesson Plans, which outline the agenda of each club session and includes step-by-step lesson activity instructions to help facilitators transition smoothly from one segment to the next. You get to choose whether you'd like to run the full 30-week program or a 5-week unit of one of our skills. 

Lesson Plans include ample space for note-taking, a handy preparation list, and an area to manage attendance. 
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Suggested Client Forms and Assessments

We have created editable Client Form Templates like registration letters, disclosure statements, parent agreement forms, and more, to make starting and maintaining your own club easier. 

Perhaps one of the most important parts of our curriculum, we provide editable Parent and Child Assessment forms to help facilitators track the progress of their club members and inform parents on how their child is growing. Our Assessments are complete with instructions for facilitators and parents on how to read them and gauge progress. 
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Discounted Student Add-On Memberships

Your Build-A-Club Subscription comes with a discount code to offer to each of your club members  or clients so they can purchase our Student Add-On Membership at a discounted rate of $59 (originally $99). 

The Student Add-On Membership allows your club members to access the same curriculum you teach during club at home, so they can print out worksheets, rewatch chapters and lessons to further their comprehension, and share what they're learning with their family. 
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Parent Support Resources

Alongside our foundational curriculum for Casey's Kids, you'll have access to 30 Parent Support Lessons and Activities to help support your club members' parents. These lessons and activities help parents learn how to best support their child during this process, and how to better problem-solve through difficult parenting moments at home.  

As our company grows, our content will, too! We are looking forward to offering live parenting sessions and additional support in the future, all of which will be accessible to you and your club members' parents through your subscription!

Limited Time Offer! 2 Discounted Professional Memberships to Share

As we're starting up our company, we are proud to offer our professionals a discount code to share with two of their colleagues so they can purchase the same subscription at a discounted cost.

This is a great way to build a Casey's Clubhouse network to share notes and resources, and it also helps a family business get the word out about their Social Skills Curriculum.