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For professionals who want to run education and therapeutic groups, we offer an exceptional program for which Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum was originally designed.

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Comprehensive Curriculum: 5 Pillars of Social Competency

Casey’s Clubhouse is a well-thought-out curriculum based in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) research.

The structure of the curriculum begins with our Five Pillars of Social Competency: Me, Energy, Emotions, Thoughts, and Behaviors. These "pillars" provide the basis for which each of our six main skills are developed, which include: Regulation, Awareness, Determination, Problem-Solving, Confidence, and Mastery.
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30 Chapters of Casey's Adventures

Casey's Adventures follows the daily life of a 4th-grade boy named Casey, and his unique and supportive band of friends. The stories are inspired by the curriculum, bringing the more academic lessons into rich, relatable vignettes. Each character experiences their own struggles and triumphs as they learn from each other about regulation, awareness, determination, problem-solving, confidence, and achieving mastery. 

Casey feels like a real friend that our kids can depend on. Narrated by Laura Schneider, the creator herself, and enhanced by fun sound effects and music, your club members will look forward to tuning in every week!
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30 Corresponding Lesson Videos

After every chapter of Casey's Adventures, the story's important lessons are broken down to demonstrate the skills and techniques in a multitude of ways to reach all different kinds of learners. The video format sets up a great exciting platform for facilitators to dive deeper into the fundamentals of each lesson during club. 

Skills become something that kids can rely on and apply in the real world, strengthening their confidence to "handle it" when stepping into tough social situations. 

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30 Corresponding Homeactivities

Learning is reinforced with an engaging and thorough Homeactivity after each chapter of Casey's Adventures. Club Members can either access these through their Student Add-On Membership (offered at a discount through this subscription), or you can print them off for each member before the club session. 

Not only do our Homeactivities bolster learning and growth, but it promotes kids to involve their family in their Casey's journey as a way to practice - and proudly show off - their new skills!


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Facilitator Training Course

We want to help you use our curriculum in your individual practice, to build a club, or in your school.

In order to do that, we have put together a comprehensive training program that teaches you the ideas and theories behind the curriculum, how to use the stories and lessons with clients or students, how to encourage and promote parent involvement, how to build a club, and how to use assessment forms.
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Detailed Lesson Plans and Activities

Our 30-Chapter Curriculum comes complete with 30 Lesson Plans, which outline the agenda of each club session and includes step-by-step lesson activity instructions to help facilitators transition smoothly from one segment to the next. 

Lesson Plans include ample space for note-taking, a handy preparation list, and an area to manage attendance. 
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Suggested Client Forms and Assessments

We have created editable Client Form Templates like registration letters, disclosure statements, parent agreement forms, and more, to make starting and maintaining your own club easier. 

Perhaps one of the most important parts of our curriculum, we provide editable Parent and Child Assessment forms to help facilitators track the progress of their club members and inform parents on how their child is growing. Our Assessments are complete with instructions for facilitators and parents on how to read them and gauge progress. 
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Discounted Student Add-On Memberships

Your Build-A-Club Subscription comes with a discount code to offer to each of your club members so they can purchase our Student Add-On Membership at a discounted rate of $59 (originally $99). 

The Student Add-On Membership allows your club members to access the same curriculum you teach during club at home, so they can print out worksheets, rewatch chapters and lessons to further their comprehension, and share what they're learning with their family. 
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Parent Support Resources

Alongside our foundational curriculum for Casey's Kids, you'll have access to 30 Parent Support Lessons and Activities to help support your club members' parents. These lessons and activities help parents learn how to best support their child during this process, and how to better problem-solve through difficult parenting moments at home.  

As our company grows, our content will, too! We are looking forward to offering live parenting sessions and additional support in the future, all of which will be accessible to you and your club members' parents through your subscription!

Casey's Additional Skills Content - Coming Soon!

Our library of content is ever-growing, making your subscription something you and your club members can utilize again and again!

We offer segments like Casey's Moments, Casey's Most Excellent Skills, Casey's Terms, and Casey's Parent Moments as a guide to access skills quickly through short and engaging "recap" clips. As a facilitator you can use these quick clips to help support your club members on specific topics. Club members can access these clips to prepare for big social events, to review and master skills and techniques, or just for fun!

Limited Time Offer! 2 Discounted Professional Memberships to Share

As we're starting up our company, we are proud to offer our professionals a discount code to share with two of their colleagues so they can purchase the same subscription at a discounted cost.

This is a great way to build a Casey's Clubhouse network to share notes and resources, and it also helps a family business get the word out about their brand new Social Skills Curriculum.  
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Casey's Kids Relate

because they have all experienced social challenges, emotional distress, negative thinking, adverse behaviors, and uncertainty. Their shared experiences connect them. 

Casey's Kids Reboot

because they learn new skills that include self-regulation, awareness, determination, problem-solving, confidence, and mastery. These skills allow kids to reboot and find greater success in friendships and in life. 

Casey's Kids Regroup

once a week, which builds connections, continuity, and follow-up. Weekly sessions and home activities keep the kids engaged. The group supports the kids as they find the courage to try new skills, take another approach, and create better outcomes. 

Who is a typical Casey's Kid?

The Casey's Clubhouse curriculum serves kids in 1st-8th grade who have had social or emotional challenges due to negative environments or situations, psychological difficulties, or physiological differences. These challenges have led to social skills deficits, exclusion, disconnection, and social delays.

Some children recognize their need for a friendship group and others do not. Please note that children who are severely deregulated do tend to need smaller groups and more individual focus than we provide. 

How Does Casey's Clubhouse Work?

Casey's Clubs are social groups designed to facilitate the development of social, emotional, and life skills for children. A typical Casey's Club is a full school-year commitment and runs from September to early June. These clubs reinforce and enhance children's skillsets, while also introducing new skills. They provide an opportunity for children to have connections outside of their day-to-day lives, make new friends, and take the time to learn about themselves. From basic to advanced skills, the curriculum can adapt to the group. 

We understand that making and keeping friends can be challenging for many kids. For that matter, friendships can be difficult. Whether social issues arise from common friendship issues or skills deficits, many kids need a place to relate, reboot and regroup. Our 30-week curriculum helps kids:
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  • learn self-regulation to better communicate, approach, cooperate, and engage with others.
  • increase self-awareness to become more responsible, communicate better, assert themselves, and increase empathy towards themself and others. 
  • discover personal determination to set their sights on successful interactions, relational competency, and assertion of self. 
  • effectively problem-solve to increase their cooperation, communication, responsibility, and reliability with and to others. 
  • develop self-confidence with the experience of positive communication and problem-solving and engagement with others.
  • experience a mastery of skills to reinforce the whole experience.

What does a typical Casey's Club look like? 

  • Gong In

    Club members show a friendly greeting and breathe calmly as the gong rings. Casey’s Club officially begins! 
  • Sharing and Caring

    Club members share "what's up!" They talk about their thoughts, feelings, and work with their other clubmates and listen as clubmates share with them. 
  • Casey's Adventures

    Club members gather and watch Casey’s weekly story and lesson. 
  • Lesson

    Club members share their thoughts about the week’s chapter and listen as facilitators teach the lesson more in depth. 
  • Activity

    Club members play a game, work on a project, or do an activity with the group to learn and have fun!
  • 3 G's: Gab, Grub, Games!

    Club members have a chance to chat, snack, and play with their other clubmates!
  • It's a WRAP

    Clean up and regroup. Clubmates count their tokens and earn a bead on their necklace.
  • Gong Out

    Club members breathe calmly as the gong rings.
    Casey’s Club officially ends!
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  • Club Forms and Assessments Templates
  • Parent Support Resources
  • Casey's Additional Skills Content
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  • Licensed for use by two club facilitators
  • Access to entire Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum (30 Stories, 30 Lessons, 30 Homeactivities) 
  • 20 Discounted Student Membership Add-ons
  • Facilitator Training, Lesson Plans, and Troubleshooting
  • Club Forms and Assessments Templates
  • Parent Support Resources
  • Casey's Additional Skills Content
  • iOS or Android mobile apps for on-the-go access
  • Access to our growing library of content
  • Bonus! 2 Discounted Professional Memberships to share
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be certified to teach Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum in my club?

We offer an online training course for therapists, facilitators, and teachers. We highly recommend that facilitators take the course and review the materials before they use them in individual therapy, group therapy, a social club, or a classroom. We do not certify professionals for this program. Each profession follows a code of ethics when using therapeutic or educational material with children. 

What credentials or qualifications do I need to use or teach the Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum? Do I need to be licensed? 

Because Casey’s curriculum has both therapeutic and educational benefits, we have expanded our offer of the material to therapists, child specialists, and educators so more children can benefit from the program. Thus, we expect professionals to be up-to-date with their specific license and legally treat and educate their clients or students. We leave the licensing boards to oversee their own professionals.

Can I run a Casey's Club as a non-therapeutic club? 

Yes. We ask that all facilitators are child professionals, thus you can run Casey’s Club as a non-therapeutic club for non-therapeutic group members. Basically, it would be an educational club rather than therapeutic.

Do my club members need to have their own login access to the curriculum?

We have found that it benefits most club members to have their own account with parent management. This gives children the opportunity to watch the videos as many times as they would like, access the coloring pages and home activities whenever they would like, and earn some badges for their hard work throughout each section. Most children who are in therapeutic or social clubs will have their own logins for access to their own membership. In some cases, the child might not need a login. Individual therapists or child specialists might just use the videos during a session to share with a child. And in some cases a classroom might show the videos and print out the home activities for children to do in class. Professionals who are using the curriculum do get discount codes to allow students access to a login and a membership. We do recommend that children have access to the program.

Can my club members go through this curriculum independently?  

Parents, facilitators, therapists, and teachers are important mentors to help children work through Casey’s curriculum. They are needed to help identify what children understand, process how it applies to their own experiences, and integrate it into their world. When students do have their own membership and login, they might go through the material on their own. They might watch videos as their curiosity takes them to the next adventure. As long as the children have mentors to process the material, we have found that those curious enough to move ahead tend to get a lot out of the program.

What if Casey's Clubhouse ends up not working out for me? 

If you have signed up for a subscription, which gives you a 12 month access to Casey’s curriculum and other materials online, you have 30-days to cancel and get a 100% refund. 

If you choose to cancel your subscription within the 12 months, you will still have access to the subscription for the remainder of the 12 months before you lose access. 
Note: If you are a parent whose child is a part of a local Casey’s Club, it means a professional has purchased a subscription to license and use our program. The application of the program as well as all other business decisions are based on their independent company or organization. 

Is internet access required?

While most of our accompanying pdf lessons, activities, and worksheets are downloadable and printable, the Casey's Clubhouse chapter videos do require internet access and are not available for download.

Is the curriculum mobile friendly?

Yes! While our website and curriculum will look the prettiest when viewed on a desktop or laptop, the entirety of the Casey's Clubhouse Curriculum is designed to be accessed through desktop, tablet, and phones. If something isn't displaying correctly, please contact us so we can help troubleshoot the issue!